Business Continuity Communications Plan

One of the most overlooked aspects of Business Continuity Planning is Communications.

How do you communicate in an emergency to minimise it’s potential effects?

  • At the turn of the century we simply shouted “HELP!” to the closest passers by.
  • In the 80’s, 90’s and Noughties we had the telephone tree – well it was better than “HELP!”
  • But today you have PosteeMANYour company’s personal assistant always ready and prepared to send and receive emergency messages to the right people in a flash.

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Emergency plans must include arrangements for the provision of training and carrying out of exercises. Similarly, the Regulations in regard to warning and informing the public also require arrangements to include provision for training and exercises. It is recommended that exercises include warning and informing messages that test the public acceptance, acknowledgement and action on the messages. Simple, regular community engagement activities can assist in developing public awareness.

– Cabinet Office Emergency Preparedness Communications